Doing Things

In the previous video update, I asked if I should try a non-PoPS vlog alongside the students taking my class. The vote was YES by a wide margin. So now I’m trying to decide what my nine-week vlog will be about. It’ll most likely be movie related. Anyone who’s read a few of my blog posts or seen a few of my updates or ever tried to have a conversation with me can now register their overly theatrical surprise.

In other news, I’ve come to realize that there are more VFX in episode
7 than I initially thought. It’s not the unholy nightmare that the VFX
count on episode 6 was (thank you, lightning shield), and they’re
mostly a more manageable brand of effect (lots of roto, compositing,
shot smoothing; less 3D oriented). It’s going to be time consuming.
Effects work always is. And the more things I keep agreeing to do
outside of the show, the slower it’s going to go, but so is the way of
the world, my friends. As it is, I’ve added three regular, separate,
non-PoPS, time consuming tasks to my schedule for 2013, in addition to
the one-day or one-weekend festivals and functions that I keep vying
for us to attend, and I think yesterday I may have agreed to speak at
some kind of seminar. Which sounds like a pretty cool networking deal,
but is another block of time I won’t be sitting at the keyboard
knocking out the show one frame at a time. I also have another idea
for a one-off short film that I’d like to shoot sometime this year,
while the concept is still fresh and exciting to me.

I’m currently still editing act 3 of episode 7. The last few days,
I’ve been cutting together a fight scene. Man, there’s a lot of
footage for a short little scene. And that shoot was a really hard
night. I should actually say that as our midnight wrap time ticked by
and the closer we got to our actual wrap time of 3 a.m., the harder
the shoot night became. I get tired and tense just watching the
footage. Really cool stuff though. Worth it? I say yes. That’s how I
know I’m still a filmmaker. I just keep making things.

Short post this week. Thanks for reading, all y’all.


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