Bad YouTuber

The NexTV blog has an amazing new blogger whose posts will be appearing opposite mine. Dude’s a friggin’ Navy SEAL talking about his crazy, real-life experiences in Iraq and how he’s parlaying that experience into his screenplays. He’s hardcore, a good writer, and has low-res personal photos of himself with blown-up cars and ironically holding a service pistol to his head. Now, let me tell you about why I’m a bad YouTuber.

I just taught my first Video for the Internet and Mobile TV class at Columbia College this week. I think it went pretty well. However, in preparation for the class, while compiling my points about YouTube (pretty much the only relevant site for user created content seeking a community [that’s right Vimeo, you art house cinema of the internet]), I realized what a bad YouTuber I am. I know a lot of the tricks, but despite that, my channel’s main function is for an extremely intermittently released web series. My updates are only interesting if you’re interested in THAT web series or in the basic building blocks of creating an independent web series. That’s it. I rarely title videos with popular and immediately relevant searchable terms, I look at my YouTube analytics maybe once a year, to see the growth and loss figures of our subscribership for our New Year’s Eve update, I make very infrequent use of annotations, I never tell people to hit the “like” button or subscribe, and I’m even hit or miss these days in asking a question to ignite conversation in the comments section. I’m the worst kind of YouTuber, someone who’s more interested in pursuing my own narrowly focused passion projects than in growing my subscription and view numbers.

Maybe I’ll participate in the class projects and turn my updates into a potentially viable YouTube channel for the length of the semester. I’ll see if my audience would mind that.

Thanks for reading, guys. And check out this Navy SEAL’s first NexTV blog post, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Kathryn Bigelow movie by the time the next Oscar season rolls around.


2 Responses to “Bad YouTuber”

  1. If you teach your students to tell their audiences to like and subscribe, the internet will hate you. That’s what’s wrong with youtube man!

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but your not asking for attention and love is part of why I love your channel. Yes, I came for PoPS, but there’s something that strikes me as less self-service when you don’t ask for likes and subscribes, and I don’t see increasing sub and view numbers as much of a valid goal in itself. Maybe that’s why I’m not a Youtuber?

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