To Work or to Network?

Lately, I’ve been torn between working on the show and attending cool things involving the Chicago filmmaking and film appreciating communities. Actually, no. I’ve been torn by the idea of it. The practice of it starts tonight. Thursday nights are usually a great night for show work. No weekend plans have begun and, a lot of the time, Eliza has to work late, meaning I don’t even stop to make dinner or anything, all show work for a solid three hours at least. Tonight, however, I’m heading to a really cool movie theater for a screening of three shorts shot in Chicago. Filmmakers in attendance, a few people who have acted in our show are in the shorts, it just sounds like a cool opportunity to meet a few like-minded individuals and see what they’re up to. With making some dinner ahead of time, it looks like little, if any, work on the show will happen tonight.

Then in March there are two amazing events. March 9th is the 24-hour Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Portage Theater in Chicago. They’re screening a bunch of awesome genre pictures for 24 hours, showing shorts in between, one of which is going to be our PoPS in 77 seconds trailer:

That’s happening on a Saturday. Saturdays are the absolute ultimate PoPS work day. If something derails my Saturday work schedule, it’s like knocking out the legs on which my extracurricular work stands. Saturday is the bread on which my PoPS work is buttered. I just don’t think straight butter is very appetizing. Our cat does though. Solid aside.
I really want to go to the Sci-Fi Spectacular. For one thing, I want to hand out PoPS cards to anyone who’s interested. For another, they’re showing In The Mouth of Madness. I love that flick. So there goes a Saturday.

At the end of March is LAWebfest, so that’s a whole weekend I won’t be working, but maybe hanging out with other web series creators and watching a bunch of stuff counts as working on the show? Technically, one could say that all of these things have potential to benefit the show. I just have a hard time reconciling anything other than sitting at the keyboard or working on set as WORKING on the show.

So…if I’m not actually assembling the show, then I feel neglectful, but I need to interact with other creators and Chicago thespians in order to help the show advance. These are the things that you don’t think about when you’re like, “I’m going to start a web show!” The cold horrifying realities of producing independent content and having good wheelhouse-type conversations with enthusiastic people.

The ticking clock feeling in not actively working on the show is a YouTube thing. A buddy of mine just started his own gaming channel and was surprised to find people saying, ‘When’s the next video?” after being subscribed for three days without new content. Not to mention he laid out that he would upload a new review every two weeks, seeing as how that’s how long it takes to play a game through when you have a job and relationships with flesh and blood humans. Once you train yourself to not obsessively hover over your subscription and view numbers, life gets a lot easier.

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One Response to “To Work or to Network?”

  1. I’m just happy that there is such a thing as PoPS. Anticipating the next episode is part of the fun of the adventure. I can be a s patieient as I need to be for the quality of the work. Thanks for your work, Jake, Eliza, Ryan, Leo, and all!

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