Never Be In Production Over the Holidays

Look, crazy. The holidays are busy enough, all right? You know what else causes mind numbing busyness? Production. Guess what happens when you combine them? You lose it. Like a weekend in Vegas, you lose it all. Like a weekend in Vegas during a zombie apocalypse, you lose it all and just wish for the sweet comforting silence of the grave.

This year, thankfully, we are not in the midst of production. We learned this lesson last year, where a brief sojourn to my Twitter account informs me that we were completing shoot days up until  December 22nd. No, for real, guys. December 22nd; the sleigh is all but loaded up, the wise men are just about ready for a pit stop, that lunatic inn owner is about to commit the world’s biggest no vacancy fail in history (Can you imagine the kind of business that place could have done if he let them stay there? Color TV, air conditioning, birthplace of the Lord), but we’re still knee deep in the mixed metaphor mud of production. It was not a great plan. I almost lost my whole mind.

Still working on non-PoPS stuff. One of which was this charity video I made for A Safe Place, a domestic abuse shelter in northern Illinois, which I used for the YouTube community charity day this year:

For those of you who may not know, the charity day is called Project For Awesome, initiated by the Vlog Brothers a few years ago. Everyone is supposed to make a video for charity and over one or two days everyone shares them with each other while raising a bunch of money. This year, through sponsorship and donations, they raised $446,000. Boom. Take that, devastating gun violence news I hear on the radio every day.

Hope everyone is having a calm and happy holiday season.

Thanks for reading.



2 Responses to “Never Be In Production Over the Holidays”

  1. This is absolutely priceless! Thank you for this, Jake. A beacon of light at this dark time of the year. A peaceful holiday to all.

  2. you guys ROCK. enjoy the time off. this is a great time of the year, made better with well earned rest and reconnection.

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