Pretty Little Post-Pros

A day after Leo gave us that look at how he blew up the building at the end of Ep6, a video went up outlining the post production process on The Hobbit, which you can see here:

As you can see, our processes are exactly the same. My irony here might be slightly masked by the inability of the written word to convey my wry eyebrow raise. But really, when you take away their massive staff of people, all of the specialists, the gobs of money, the beautiful facilities, it would still just be some people sitting in front of computers making fake things seem more real. In that way, what we do is the same. However, Leo had to start throwing out detail and geometry to get his computer to render the building explosion, my foley room consists of repurposing a library of pre-recorded sound effects, and instead of a series of perfectly controlled environments with enormous mixing boards full of programmable sliders for mixing and coloring I have one wireless mouse and the standard Mac half-keyboard. I haven’t even sprung for the regulation size keyboard with the numeric keypad, that’s the kind of low rent op’ we’re running around here. Determination over manpower and money, the DIY credo. I dream of one day sitting in while specialists correct and mix my project. That would be amazing.

I’ve come to the realization that I oversaturated the whole of episode six. The blacks are too low and I over-boosted saturation. I think since we shot flat, I was worried about not bringing it up enough and I overcompensated. I should have left it mildly undersaturated or at least pulled a lot of the reds out. But you live and learn, right? Especially when you’re DIY’ing. And the oranges on that explosion! Yikes. Don’t even get me started.

Still working on non-PoPS stuff. There should be at least a couple more updates of people other than me talking about their show processes during 6.



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