No Progress

Man, it feels weird to not be working on the show. I spent last weekend working on one of the non-PoPS projects that I need to complete. It’s a tour of a private antique and furniture collection that I have 14 hour-long tapes of raw footage for. I edited for about 18 to 20 hours on it this weekend and I’ve made it through about 5 of the tapes. Not too shabby. So far I have around an hour of the project completed and color corrected. Just goes to show. I can edit about 45 minutes of video in a long weekend if there are no viz FX with which to concern myself. How different my life might have been had I chosen a show not about super powers. Speaking of, man, is the super power sub-genre of internet entertainment just over saturated, or what? And it’s all ridiculous looking, cheap-ass costume camp. No wonder it’s so hard to get people to watch my show. They’ve seen enough lame internet super heroes to last a lifetime.

Anyway, about the title of the post. It has felt so very weird to not be working on PoPS. I have all the raw footage for Ep7 and I’m ridiculously excited about seeing it start coming together, but I need to get these projects done first. I know. I’ve been talking about this ad nauseam, but have I mentioned my bitter personal distaste for people who say they’ll do something and then they don’t do it? It’s one of my bigger pet peeves. And for about a year I’ve been that person because of these two projects. This is the palate cleanser I need to fully focus on the show for the four remaining episodes. No more side projects after this. Not until I’m done with PoPS. But the very act of not working on PoPS has felt very disorienting. I didn’t realize how much of an anchor point it had become for me. It’s like someone turned off my gravity. Now I’m just floating in the middle of the room, unable to push myself forward.

In other news, I think we’re having pizza for dinner and we just got the ’88 version of The Blob from Netflix. Yes!!!

Thanks for reading.


One Response to “No Progress”

  1. Wow this sounds like a great story idea. I see you floating around your office, heart throbbing, longing for PoPS. But you just can’t get out of that box. Wake up Jonas, Pizza is your destiny! Oh well… Good luck fighting through your side projects!

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