On Spoilers

Right after PoPS episode 5 went up, my D.P./VFX-guru/ friend Ryan asked if I’d put together a sizzle reel for the show that he could show around. I did so, with the added benefit of creating an intro/episode menu for the YouTube homepage. In the span of a minute it showed off quite a few of our hero moments VFX-wise, the show’s unique take on a sci-fi staple, and ended in an interactive menu where the viewer could click on the screen to be taken to an episode. I left it up on the homepage as essentially a PoPS portal. When it had been up for awhile though, my friend Suede (also plays Damon on the show and writes some of the music) said that even though it showed our talent for effects, it didn’t convey any of the comedic tone, it just looked like any other super hero show. Though I didn’t want to hear it at the time and I didn’t do anything about it, that seeped into my mind and I addressed it in the new PoPS homepage portal, featuring a lot of the cool VFX shots from episode 6. Even though it’s very effects heavy, it shows more of the characters approach to their powers and the overall tone of the show. I’m much happier with it.

And yet… Now I’m getting a lot of people coming at me saying it has way too many spoilers in it. And they’re not wrong. It reveals a lot. Mythologies only newly revealed in episode 6 are revealed right in this 77-second sizzle reel. Powers-centric reveals that took episodes to unveil are introduced immediately. I’m fine with it. And I HATE spoilers. I don’t consider them spoilers because the episodes are out there for people to watch. If I’d released this video before the release of Ep6, that would have been a spoilers betrayal. But I waited. And now I have a kick ass Intro to PoPS video that might make some people give the show a second glance. I think it all comes down to the fact that I called it An Intro to PoPS in 77 seconds. It may have too much info for an intro. But I still don’t think it’s spoilers. Here it is:

Thanks for reading.


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