Meeting the Audience

As a guy who makes a show for the internet, my conversations with our audience obviously occur primarily as a text back and forth in the comments section of our videos. So here’s what I’ve found out about meeting the audience in person. For a few hours before hand I start getting very quiet and worried about how it’s going to go. What if nobody shows up? If somebody does show up, what are we going to talk about? Are they going to be disappointed with the reality of me as a person? I get very edgy about it. When it gets down to ACTUALLY MEETING PEOPLE though, it’s great. Everyone is very nice (obviously), we pass a notebook around getting names, emails, and YouTube channels, and we just talk. The first meet-up was in London at the Prince Albert Memorial, 7 folks showed up, and the second was in Bristol in a cool movie theater/café/bar called The Watershed, 8 folks showed up. It was exactly like hanging out. Except with a little more staring and picture taking. Both times I got to points where I thought, Oh no! I’ve run out of things to talk about! And then questions would happen. Each meet-up had kind of an unofficial moderator who showed up to get the questions going anytime conversation slowed. It was amazing. The London moderator was Joe and the Bristol moderator was Ben; if you guys happen to read this, thanks for taking the reins.

The questions everyone asked, aside from just the sheer gratitude I felt that they wanted to know anything about our show, also lead me to considering things I hadn’t realized before. Like the fact that my favorite character to write is our villain, Damon. Every scene with that guy is just fun. The conversation at the Watershed led me to that realization. I can’t thank everyone who showed up enough and I appreciate that you all took time out of your lives to come hang out with us, it was amazing.

I’ll be discussing our next meet-up in more detail in the next video update, but it’s also a screening, which I think makes it even better. It’s Friday, October 26, at an event space in Chicago called Catalyst Ranch. At 6pm is a meet-and-greet, kind of networking whatever. At 6:30 the screening starts, we’re doing episodes 4, 5, and 6 back to back, which should take a little under two hours. Then we’re doing a Q and A. Not sure who all will be there yet, but I know it’ll at least be the main four—Craig, Carlyn, Eliza, and I. And our German VFX dude Leo has RSVP’d as well. Tickets are 10 bucks, but all of that money will go into the episode 7 fundraiser and the people who attend will get thank yous on the website in accordance with the 10-dollar level donation on our Indiegogo page. It’s going to be awesome. Here’s a link to the page where you can buy tickets:

Thanks for reading, everyone.



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