Upload Day

That audition space from last week’s update is this place in Chicago called Next Door. It’s the friggin’ best. It’s a coffee shop/café with sectioned off areas for people to meet. There are two large-ish meeting rooms in back with whiteboard walls and a flatscreen you can hook your computer into. The rooms are FREE to use. You just have to sign up in advance and they hold the room for you. Coolest ever. Cool place, cool neighborhood, best place to hold auditions EVER! That sounded like a commercial. I should be getting paid.

Today is upload day. I launched the first part of Episode 6 today at noon. People have really been getting into it, which is just so fantastic. I think about the way things used to be before YouTube, when I would work really hard on a video project and then gather everybody who worked on it together and we’d watch it. And that was pretty much it. We’d talk about how good it turned out and talk about sending it out to festivals all the while knowing that it had probably already seen its largest audience with the cast and crew screening. Things are really different now. I put it up this afternoon and—though the counter always freezes at around 300 the first day—if the usual formula of 10 percent of the audience leaving comments holds up, we’re already a few thousand views deep. That’s outstanding. I just love that people all over the world get excited about the work that we do and that I have the opportunity to see the conversation. Days like today are the reason I drop hundreds of free-time hours into a hobby. I was talking to Ryan (D.P., Producer, VFX) and Eliza (Producer, Actress) last night about how I lost the summer of 2012. My June, July, and August disappeared into a couple external hard drives nested in my home office. The audience’s reaction has made it all worthwhile though. Great day. Hopefully, their enthusiasm for the first part will sustain them through a couple of weeks of very dialogue-heavy Act 1 setup.

We still do cast and crew screenings though. We had one last night, and it feels so great to play it large and loud after months in the headphones and looking at a monitor. Hearing the reaction of a group of people all watching it together is something that can’t be beat either. It’s a great way to kick it off. You can kind of get a feel for it at the end of Craig’s latest daily vlog, the PoPS screening stuff happens at around the 3 minute mark:

Thanks for reading, guys. And, especially, thanks for watching.


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