The Last Minute

The title of this blog post sounds like a cool short film wherein we either visit the last minute of five people’s lives and they end up somehow interconnected OR wherein we examine the last minute that just happened from five different perspectives to learn something interesting about a time, place, or situation. Boom. Five-minute short film concepts delivered to your computer from a guy in there. Actually, I’m in a room. Not inside your computer. Truthed.

The title actually concerns the fact that prior to the release of an episode, everything is going on up until the last minute.

Scoring. I’m pretty sure I’m finally done with all the scoring. I left a couple of the temp tracks in there but the websites from which I procured them claim them to be creative commons with a credit caveat. I guess I’ll credit them everywhere I can and trust that they mean what they say.

Sound effects. This is a very sound effects heavy episode. At least it is in a few parts. I’m very very very very close to being finished with adding in the sound effects. I’m confident that by the end of the night I’ll have that mutha locked down.

Then it’s on to color correction and breaking the episodes up for or YouTube weekly release schedule. It should be a 7-week release schedule this time, around 6 minutes a week. Color correction will probably take awhile.

Those are all the broad strokes. There’s always a ton of little annoying things that need to be pulled together.

I’m still waiting on:

-One VFX shot that has needed tweak after tweak.

-An insert shot that will allow me to use slightly troubled audio that I like better than some ADR we’ve done.

Still needs to be made, by myself or others:

-A “previously on PoPS” to put up the day before release and include with the festival disc.

-A video for the Ep7 IndieGoGo fundraiser we want to launch with Ep6.

-An IndieGoGo fundraiser page.

-All of the donation bonus gifts from the Ep6 fundraiser.

-The endscreen announcements that are going to accompany each episode part (“Donate to Ep7 at,” “This episode brought to you in part by,” “Don’t try this at home” stuff.

Plenty to think about. Nothing new there. Episode 6, part 1 goes up next Wednesday. We’re having a cast and crew screening Tuesday night. Here we go.

Thanks for reading, guys.


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