Trailer Launch

I never make a trailer for an episode until I can put a release date on it. While in the throes of VFX work, I never have a real idea of how far away we are from release. An effect shot can suddenly become infinitely more difficult than originally thought and destroy any projected timeline. So as I saw effects actually wrapping up, things started to come back into linear, structured, measurable focus. As soon as that happened I wanted to get a trailer out right away. This episode has been a really long time coming and I wanted to finally give our audience my promise of when they can actually expect it. I came home from work Monday night and started cutting away. I cut it together, scored it using a Kevin MacLeod drum track and some guitar and bass stylings of my own, color corrected it (we shot and edited it flat, so this was my first time seeing it full contrast and saturation), ran it by my lovely wife, Eliza, who helped me pull some of the more difficult color corrections together, and wrapped it up around 1 a.m. I’m quite pleased with it and the audience reaction has been fantastic. It’s generating a really nice rumble of anticipation. Here it is.

Also this week, Ryan (D.P., Producer, VFX dude) came over and we did a final rundown on VFX adjustments. That was last night actually. We decided there were a couple tweaks needed here or there and off he went to tweak his stuff while I tweaked mine. Uh. Right. I feel like it just got a little phraseologically uncomfortable around here. Anyway, I have a couple more VFX shots to adjust tonight and then I’m off into finalizing music, adding a ton of sound effects, and color correcting the whole episode. The release is only two weeks away now. That should be just about enough time to lock everything.

Tim and Eliza (Producers) have started the ball rolling toward fulfillment of donation prizes from our Ep6 IndieGoGo campaign and it’s about time to start thinking about launching our Ep7 one. I want to run the IndieGoGo drive to coincide with the release of Ep6, so we’ll see how everything goes. Lots to do on all fronts. Am I really calling this a hobby?

Thanks for reading.



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