Everybody Quits

Oh, man, did I have a breakthrough this week, or what? If you’re at all aware of my current undertaking on the show you’ll have heard that I’m currently rotoscoping like a madman at least four hours every night after work. As of last night, I have 38 and a half hours into just the roto of this shot. However, I know I’m more than halfway done, so I’m feeling pretty good. The revelation came while listening to Childish Gambino albums while working… (Even the “clean” version is a little dirty)

…I had been listening to a lot of music while rotoscoping. Great stuff. Driftless Pony Club, Metric, The National, The Shins, over and over and over. But Donald Glover (Gambino) writes so many fast lyrics with so many references and double entendres that he kept my mind constantly engaged the whole day. At the end of that Saturday I couldn’t believe how little I felt like I was emerging from roto-prison. It made me think that audio books would be a great thing for rotoscoping. Before I even got a chance to try that, I found Kevin Pollack’s YouTube channel. The dude specializes in doing in depth, two hour interviews with a ton of celebrities I’m interested in. It makes roto-time fly.

The first two I listened to were Damon Lindelof, creator of LOST (fascinating), and Dan Harmon, creator of Community (fascinating studio PR nightmare). It was very reassuring to learn that every showrunner goes through a period of constantly quitting. I have luckily made it through the darkest period of this in regards to our web show. I used to quit constantly. Only in the privacy of my own home, when talking to my wife Eliza. I’d say something like, “This is ridiculous! Why am I spending all my free time stressing myself out?! I’m done with this. I quit!” And she’d say, “Sounds good.” And we’d hang out, watch something, and I’d quietly un-quit over the course of a night of hanging out and get back to work the next night, looking for a solution to whatever problem made me quit in the first place.

I’ve never talked about this, but there was a time when I thought it was for real. Before we split up the shooting for episode 6 and 7, when we were ridiculously overscheduled and falling behind every hour of every day, it got really really bad. It got to a point where my friend Chris said, “I feel like you shouldn’t hate it THIS much.” And I couldn’t agree with him more. I outlined a plan for the inevitable destruction of the show for Eliza. I told her I would see 6 and 7 through and that was it. I would continue to write the show and act in it if someone wanted to carry the directing and producing torch, but I was done spending my nights trying to push a thousand ton boulder up a hill when it felt like nobody else cared about making it happen.  I knew that it pretty much meant the end of the show. I thought there would be a few people who would say they would take up the mantle, but it’s easy to SAY you’re going to do something. People say they’re going to do things all the time. It’s been my experience as a showrunner that the people who say they’re going to do something have to be constantly emailed, texted, and badgered into actually doing it. So I didn’t really see the show surviving. And I didn’t care. I was ready to walk. It actually took me three days and Eliza stepping up to take a lot of producing responsibility for me to calm down and step back into showrunner mode. We scheduled episode 7 shooting and planning in a much more realistic way for dayjobbers like us and it’s been going fine ever since. But it was nice to hear that it constantly overwhelmed the big boys too.

Also, the people carrying the updates keep misquoting me. Joe said I heard 6 excuses from 4 different people about why their VFX work wasn’t done this week. Wrong-o. Only three of the excuses and 2 of the people were VFX related. The others were from other departments. Record straightened.

Oh. And this…

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Everybody Quits”

  1. When the whole show is finished, will there be a way to buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray?

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