Roto Hatch

25 hours. That’s how long it took me to rotoscope one of the actors in this 35-second long effects shot for episode 6. Actually, the length of roto’ed screen time for this actor was 4 frames shy of 27 seconds, so that’s 644 frames. Now I have 3 other people to rotoscope out of the same shot before I can continue working on the other elements in said shot. I was hoping this shot would take me a few days, but just like every other part of episode 6, I’ve wildly underestimated the amount of work it’s going to take. Luckily, the other three people in the shot don’t move NEARLY as much as the first guy so roto’ing them should take significantly less time. Rotoscopers are hardcore, man. I can’t imagine doing this for a living, it would kill me. All the respect in the world.

I’ve found myself wondering if there was a better way for this shot. The scope is too big for green screen on our budget. I just keep coming back to the idea that this is the way it had to be. At least I’m the one paying the price for wanting such ridiculously long effects shots. There’s one other volunteer logging a couple hours on one of the roto-people, but we’ll see how much he can get done before I get the other two completely roto’ed out.

I actually had a rotoscoping dream the other night. I dreamt I was working on the same shot I’ve been working on for half-a-week now and I messed up and had to start over, so I did. That was my dream. Sitting in the office working on the shot that I work on every evening. I think I’m going to start calling my home office The Hatch, like the Swan Hatch from LOST. It’s small, the technology is old, and if I don’t sit there and keep pressing the button the world will end. Sure, it’s just the little web serial world I created with my imagination, but still. Every night I’m saving the world.

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  1. But you’ve gotta — MAAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUUUSIC! 😉

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