Endurance Trials

So I’m going to be heading to the 3:30 a.m. IMAX screening of The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday night/Friday morning. I never would have done this if it was just me making my own decisions. When I thought up the question of the week in the last video update I had been sitting in the office doing effects for several hours and—deep in the clutches of stir craziness—thought that it would be funny to see if the audience would make me do it. And they did. They wanted me to do something exciting and unusual. It was really close actually. 3:30 had 155 votes and Friday night at a regular time had 140 votes. But it’ll be interesting to see what kind of toll this takes on me. I’m going to document the whole thing for next week’s update. It’s going to be like a very low-key endurance trial when I have to follow it up with going to work the next day.

It’s crazy that we’ve even come to a point in opening weekend numbers madness where there’s a 3:30 a.m. screening for a movie. Not only that though, A 3:30 a.m. screening SELLS OUT so that I have to drive slightly farther to make good on my promise to the PoPS updates community. Although, it is really cool that movies are bigger event entertainment than ever.

As for the update-ish portion of today’s post, I’m still hunkering down in the office every day after work for at least a couple hours working on visual effects. It’s become like a low-key endurance trial. I get more time with them on the weekend, but at least I feel like we’re actually making some progress now. It’s exciting to realize that there will be a time when Ep6 is actually finished. It’s been starting to feel like the monster that just won’t die. I’ve been checking in with other people working on their pieces of the puzzle and it sounds like everyone’s trying to buckle down and get this thing finished. So I’d like to get it done within the next month. No promises. Don’t tell the YouTube commenters I said that, because they’ll take it as a rock solid completion date and then drag me across the comments-coals if I don’t make it. Remember that. Anything you say to your audience, you better be ready to deliver. Said the guy going to the 3:30 a.m. IMAX flick.

We’re also getting back into production mode on Sunday night for one of the last two shoot nights of episode 7. We just keep on working. Talk to you next week.

Thanks for reading.


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