ADR and Internet Crossovers

I don’t know what’s happening right now. Previously, if 6 months went by without an episode of PoPS coming out, people started going nuts on me. Not everybody, but enough to make it feel like I was making enemies. This time everyone is being really nice. I’m very pleased about that, but I don’t understand what’s changed as we plow through the eighth month without a new episode on the channel. I hope people remain this understanding.

The ADR sessions that I mentioned having to reschedule all came in, so I only need to make two more sessions happen before we’re totally done with episode 6 ADR. So there will be more of that footage in next week’s update.

There are plenty of effects shots that I have yet to see, and I’m starting to feel a little concerned with how much of the resolution of the episode is tied into massive effects shots, but I’ve almost completed the VFX for the episode teaser (intro, not trailer) myself, so I’ll be able to move forward on finalizing at least that section. More good news came our way in that one of the kids who wanted to volunteer his time on helping us with VFX was apparently not working on his first shot because his folks weren’t comfortable with him collaborating with people he met online. Fair enough, I say. But we just heard that his work ban has been lifted and he’s started tackling lightning effects. Good stuff. Welcome to the show, David.

I really really really need to start prepping for episode 7 shooting now if we’re planning on starting production at the end of May. Lots of casting that still needs to happen, a shooting schedule that’s been in need of reshuffling for weeks, and locations to find out about. If Eliza and I haven’t moved forward on that within the next week, I’ll be seriously disappointed.

This week’s random internet video comes from Max Landis. A couple of months ago, John Landis’s son and the writer of the runaway hit, superpowers flick, Chronicle, uploaded a video of himself comically rehashing the plots of the comics surrounding the death and return of Superman circa the early 90s. It’s filled with celebrity cameos and a ton of cursing, so buyer beware. It’s essentially a comics version of the drunk history videos found on Funny or Die. I just think it’s interesting that the writer of a hit film released his next thing straight to the internet via YouTube; probably while prepping bigger projects, but still, he followed Chronicle with a video he produced for fun for the internet. It’s a weird world we’re living in. Sidenote: I was originally terrified that Chronicle would totally be our show. Completely different things. So very completely. Here’s The Death and Return of Superman:

Thanks for reading.


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