Post-Pro Lull

We met for a production meeting for episode 7 preparations this week and the boys watched the rough cut of episode 6. Everyone seems to think things are moving along just fine. There’s plenty that still needs to be done, but we’ll get there eventually and I just hope it’ll get people excited about the show again.

I’m taking a break from working on effects for a couple days so Eliza and I can get a preliminary schedule for episode 7 put together including cast, locations, and props lists, so that Tim and Ryan can get an idea of a budget put together. Then I’ll dive back into effects work so we can keep plugging toward our goal of releasing episode 6 by the end of April.

Back when I started writing for the NexTV blog I was doing a from-the-trenches style how-to for people wanting step-by-step hints for making a no-money web series. (I am the hyphenate king!) Now that it’s more like a production blog, I dread post-production blogging when it’s the most exciting time to see things coming together but there’s the least amount of things to talk about without including spoilers. It’s all basically a few people sitting by themselves in front of computers wearing headphones and slowly gaining weight.

Since things are a little slow this week I’ll keep it short, but if you’re sitting at your day job looking for something else to read, check out this interview with Joss Whedon from SXSW. The dude is the perfect person to talk about the pros and cons of working on film vs. TV vs. web series vs. comics. This guy is taking over the world—which is as it should be.

Thanks for reading, everyone.


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