Jake Jarvi Speaks #77-First Fan Fiction

The video below is a short loop that a fan of the show made. One of the coolest things we’ve gotten so far.

So today it finally happened. We finally got some fan fiction. I’ve been waiting my whole life for some and it’s finally here. Someone—a complete stranger to me—was taken enough with the show we’ve created to spend their time and energy creating a brand new 7,500-word story for our characters using plots and theories of their very own. AMAZING! I don’t know how familiar any of you are with fan fiction, but much of it is campy, fan-service, relationship mash-ups, often of the sexuality bending variety, so I’ve basically been waiting to see who of us was going to end up on the gratuitous make out agenda first, Eliza and Carlyn or Craig and me. Nope. Eliza and I take the gold for first out of the gate. And they didn’t even make it gratuitous! I was kind of glad about that, actually. When the scene first started and I found myself reading a make believe version of me putting the moves on my wife, it made me feel a little weird, but then it turned into something that we could conceivably have done on the actual show with a twist and everything. It was the most well thought out fan fiction ever. The characterizations were solid, the individual plots were unique and involving, the dialogue was quippy. I was pretty shocked. The thing would make a good episode if I didn’t already have the series arcs on lockdown.

We’ve been getting really great fan art for a long time, much of which I’ve already posted here, and I sincerely hope this isn’t the last PoPS fan fiction we get. I’d love to link to it, but it was sent to me in a private YouTube message, so I’m not sure they’re going to make it public. If they do, I’ll definitely link to it in a future entry.

I finished a complete rough cut of episode 6 and started working on a couple of the VFX while Ryan, Leo, and our first VFX intern, Ethan, do the same. This weekend, I should start to think about scheduling episode 7 production. Here we go again.

Thanks for reading.



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