VFX Considerations

Below is a picture someone found on a tumblr page called “YouTuber Confessions.” The photo was from a shoot we did a while ago, someone downloaded it, added the in-picture captions, and re-posted it. I love stuff like this. LOVE IT.

That's me and my friends!!!

I saw that a while ago, but it felt weird looking at my blog post on NexTV last week with only words on it. This last week I’ve completed a draft of Ep6 Act 2 with temp score and all. I really like the way this episode is coming together.

I’ve also been corresponding with the VFX guys this last week. There are SO MANY effects shots in this episode. The real situation isn’t the amount of effects (okay, maybe it is a little) but that the effects last for such a long time on screen. They’re not quick shots. There are dialogue scenes that have effects stringing through them over the course of a conversation. I love the idea of that. It’s kind of a very distilled version of what appeals to me about our show; that powers wouldn’t always be used in intense situations. People would actually use them while hanging out and when they’re bored. Using them wouldn’t be any big thing. And taking a character who uses them out of hand and taking a really long time getting him to a place where he’s realizing their true potential. I feel like this episode really addresses that core idea nicely.

But back to my point. We’ve been watching a lot of Supernatural recently and that’s an amazing looking show that really uses effects about as well as anybody can, in my opinion. Great stuff. There’s no way an episode of PoPS could have as many per-episode effects in it if it was a show on TV. The budget per episode would be ridiculous and the length of post-pro would be impossible for a weekly show. We do this ourselves and it takes 6 to 7 months an episode. Of course it could happen faster with a professional FX team splitting up the work and if everyone was doing it 10 hours a day every day instead of fitting it in around paying work, but it still wouldn’t work out. Watch any episode of a typical VFX heavy show and then think about how many ACTUAL EFFECTS SHOTS are in it. Smallville, Heroes, Supernatural, etc. A regular episode—maybe 4 or 5 big ones, 10 to 15 small ones, or a combination of the two. An episode of PoPS has between 20 to 40 effects shots in it depending on the storyline and episodes 6 and 7 have an insane amount of VFX shots in them. They’re more like little movies then they are episodes of a TV show. I’m can’t wait to see some of these shots coming in. It’s going to be amazing.

Thanks for reading, guys.



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