The Dawn of Favor Death

Well, it’s finally happened. I couldn’t complete a favor video in a timely manner. Every no-to-low-budget filmmaker is intimately acquainted with the favor video. Hell, it pretty much knocks on the door two minutes after you know your way around an editing program. There might actually be a hidden protocol buried inside every pro-sumer editing suite that sends an email to your address book the first time you successfully figure out how to export an H.264. It’s just how it goes. And that’s great, I’ve had a lot of fun working on favor videos. I’ve been doing favor videos for 18 years now and I’ve always been good with turnaround times and people have been happy. Now that PoPS has become kind of a thing, all of my favor projects have been stacking up. I’d shoot something for somebody and then get involved doing PoPS stuff instead of editing it. There’s always something PoPS related to do when I get home from work and it’s time to start working on not-work work.

What about that video I shot on one of the most impressive antique furniture collections ever assembled? Nope. It sits there unedited. There’s easily 20 hours of footage collected there and I haven’t touched it in months. And three months ago I agreed to shoot a video for a friend of mine who always does favors for me. PoPS favors even. He’s actually heavily involved in the show. Three months after shooting it, I still haven’t cut anything together. That’s when the text messages start to take on a different tone. Every communication that touches on the subject has that perfect barb of disappointment attached to it, waiting for me to snag my nicely woven friendship on it. Whether it’s my friend’s disappointment or my own disappointment with myself is impossible to say. I HATE being the guy that flakes. I despise it. I always want to think of myself as being better than that. But now that I have a project with a little bit of buzz on it, everything else gets backburnered while I turn up the heat on the thing that people are watching. Does that make me a bad friend? Yeah, I think so.

I have about 20 hours a week that I can spend working on video projects outside of my 40 to 50 hour real job before I start to go crazy. Lately, I’ve been finding it pretty impossible to muster up the enthusiasm to work on anything other than the show during those 20 hours.

Hell, I did a favor video for an area public library that runs a wonderful program for children from a low-income school system, put it on YouTube as a part of a charity video day, and that thing went crazy. It had 120,000 views 3 days after it went up. Right now it has 218,516 views. I’ve attached it below for the curious and charitable:

That video had everything going for it: Cute kids whose library is in danger, an amazing regionally created program that can serve as a fantastic model for similar communities across the country, and twice as many views as my show has ever gotten. I should have been crazy-fulfilled. It’s still like pulling teeth getting me to work on anything other than PoPS.

The fact that I finally have an active community engaged in my passion project has finally made me a friend you can’t trust to do you a favor. Even if you’re a low-income child whose literacy is being threatened, I’m more interested in my made up super powered slackers. Oh, the internet, the horrifying things you’ve taught me about myself.

Catch you next week, readers.



One Response to “The Dawn of Favor Death”

  1. It’s funny how you can always tell what mood someone’s in, while blogging. It doesn’t show as much in the videos, possibly because nobody does videos when they’re down (pure conjecture).

    I wouldn’t beat myself up over the favour thing, sure it sucks to let someone down, but on the other hand I’m sure people appreciate how much effort you put into the stuff, that really excites you. I find that I value friends who are active and have less time for me more, than those who are available all the time. Simply because being engaged in something makes you, more yourself – it shapes you as a person. And that’s worth more than any favour…

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