Back to the Editing Room

I’m a little pressed for time with this week’s blog post, so please excuse the brevity. In the last video update I mention a long interview with me and my lovely wife. I thought I would include a link to that article for those interested in such things:

Interview on International House of Geek

I’ve done a couple interviews for the show at this point, and though I’m frequently on the other side of this process for my job at the magazines, I find I feel quite inept when it comes to being interviewed. I bet it’s one of those skills that people pick up through experience, but I find myself sometimes answering questions that weren’t asked of me and having to loop around to focus in on the interviewer’s actual question. It’s probably just a matter of being overexcited.

I’m now trying to segue back into the post production process of working at least 2 hours a night. After a day at work, I mostly find myself wanting to do nothing but watch Supernatural or Downton Abbey and snack on everything I lay eyes on, but once I make myself sit at the computer and open up the EP6 project file, I get wrapped up in it pretty immediately. I’m very excited about this episode. I’ve cut together the 5-minute teaser with a temp score, isolated the effects shots for uploading to Ryan’s FTP, and moved on to Act 1, of which I currently have two minutes assembled. Good grief, that sentence sounded so technical and professional. I think mostly because it concluded with a phrasing that was very aware of front-loading its preposition. Yikes. When I write a blog post too quickly it gets very stream of consciousness.

Sorry about the brevity. Next week marks the 3-year anniversary of us filming EP1 of PoPS. That’s some crazy noise right there.

Thanks for reading.



One Response to “Back to the Editing Room”

  1. I just read “teaser” then basically stopped reading to write a comment where I ask you: So when do we get to see the teaser?!

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