Production Week 8

We’ve got it. We wrapped principal photography on episode 6.

Shoot day 15. Thursday, January 19th. Scheduled to begin shooting at 9 p.m., it took us a long time to get our gear into the convenience store location and get the crane set up. We started shooting at around 10:30, went until 12:40 a.m., got 3 difficult shots, put the store back together, and got all the gear out by 1:15 a.m. It felt like a really long night. Whenever we’re doing logistically complicated stuff that involves a lot of talking things through, it feels like things take forever. We got what we needed though and it looked great. Aside from the brand new volunteer crew member who showed up drunk and started hitting on our actress while he was boom op-ing, and not getting as much of the shotlist as I hoped, everything went really smoothly. Craig has a separate YouTube channel where he uploads brief videos about his day from his iPhone called alwayswheezy, here’s one that he shot from that night.

Original shoot day 16. It was supposed to be the next night, but the snow finally caught up with us in a big way. That wouldn’t have been a problem, given that we’ve wrapped all of our exteriors, except that it was snowing so hard and constant that it made driving conditions ridiculous—It turned a 35-minute drive to the location into a 2 and a half hour drive. Nope. We ended up canceling and watching Jurassic Park on Blu-ray. Good times.

Actual shoot day 16. The following Monday. Back to the convenience store, started shooting at 9:15 p.m. wrapped by 12:15, reassembled the store and got out of there before 12:45 this time. It wrapped Greta, it wrapped Craig, and I finally had the rest of the pieces to get the teaser (the part of the episode pre-opening credits, not the teaser trailer) for the episode put together. It was a great night. Very cool shots and everybody had a good attitude. We only had one accidental pistol whipping and no one was drunk…that I know of. I also won Eliza a stuffed animal out of the claw machine between takes. To get an idea of what that was like, here’s an alwayswheezy video in which Craig gets a win of his own right after my victory.

Shoot day 17. Tuesday. We went back to the location of shoot day 14 to grab the pickups that we didn’t have time for. 7 out of the 8 shots were effects shots in frozen time, so it was a lot of frozen acting and specific framings. We got to location at 7 p.m. and wrapped and geared out by 9:15 p.m. Pretty painless. It doesn’t really feel over. We started shooting the episode on November 27th and we wrapped last night on January 25th. Now that we’re shooting with great cameras and having a bunch more locations, our 1-month production process appears to have become more of a 2-month production process.

I can’t wait to get into editing and put this thing together.

Thanks for reading, guys.

One Response to “Production Week 8”

  1. Congrats on wrapping, that’s exciting! 😀
    And I really wish I lived in Chicago, I’d happily be a sober volunteer…

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