Production Week 7

Shoot day 14. Saturday, January 7th. We all arrived at a knitting store location at 9 a.m. They were supposed to open an hour early so that we could shoot there before they opened. They never showed up and we defaulted back to shooting the scene in our kitchen. I think that turned out fine because there’s really not a lot of apartment time in episode 6 and it’s nice to see our characters in the Sanctum.

We then did a company move to our only other location, which turned out to be more like four locations because we had scenes in the front yard, back yard, kitchen, and living room and it took forever. The stuff we got was outstanding, but by 9 p.m. frost was forming on the exterior work lights my dad loaned us from his woodshop and everybody was freezing. We had very emotional scenes to take care of and our actors were amazing. However, by 10 it was clear that we weren’t going to get everything on the schedule so I re-organized the shotlist and we wrapped all our exteriors for the episode. We have to go back for one night of interiors shooting, but the cast list is smaller for that, we won’t be freezing cold, and it’ll only take a couple of hours. It’s really amazing that the weather held out for us. Sure, we froze our asses off a lot and sometimes it rained on us, but it never snowed enough to accumulate. Our exteriors that we shot at the end of November match the exteriors that we shot at the beginning of January. Someone was really looking out for us this time. No more scheduling episode production for the snowy season. Two nights of production this week and a pickup day scheduled for the weekend and we should be wrapped on Ep6. Fingers crossed, y’all.

Thanks for reading.

Jarvi out.


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