Production Week 6

Again, one shoot day.

Day 13. Tuesday night. Shooting in open public locations is always a little nerve-wracking but it also ups the energy ante for everyone involved in production. You get energy from people’s curiosity as they try to see what you’re doing without being too obvious about it. You also get energy from the staff of the place who feel like something different is happening for a little while. It’s nice to feel that kind of energy around, especially this late in the game. We finally got back into Half Price Books for a night. Last time we were there was episode 2 and we shot that two years ago. I love that we can get a continuity of location like that. It makes the PoPS world feel real. Plus, Half Price Books just looks awesome on camera; all the book shelves, tons of stock, solid lighting, and customers who will just keep shopping in the background of a shot. Love it. We were there for about an hour and everything looked amazing. I love not having to light. I love just being able to constantly move.

We then moved location and shot at our friend Caitlin’s apartment complex. We used the same apartment on Shoot Day 1 for a different location, but we just shot in a different area of it. We had to de-bulb all the fluorescents in her common area hallways and stairwells for a couple shots and she was just horrified. You could see it on her face: That’s not yours, that’s not ours, you can’t do that. But we had to. The light was causing weird pulse-lines on the monitor. It looked like it was showing up on playback too. So we did what we had to and put it right before we left, but that’s one thing I hate about production. I feel like we’re always inconveniencing someone. Most of the time, people don’t mind the inconvenience, and a lot of people have seemed genuinely excited about being inconvenienced as we invade their homes for this episode. I still feel like I’m abusing some kind of trust. But we got what we needed and got out of there by 10:20 p.m. We also wrapped Caitlin and Carlyn for this episode. Got a big day coming up on Saturday.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.

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