Production Week 5

One shoot day.

Day 12. Thursday night. After work we assembled at the PoPS sanctum location and shot some things that take place in Jonas’s bedroom. As I outlined in the video update, Jonas’s bedroom is our crawl space, so the night before Eliza and I took everything out of it, which turned our living space into a nightmare but made the set look great.

Actually, Wednesday night was insanity. We had dinner at Eliza’s grandparents’ house with relatives that were in for the holidays, had an hour to work on Jonas’s room, went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (probably my number 1 pick of the year) because I had to write a review of it for work the next day, and hung up more comic book pages as set dressing until about 1 or 1:30. Crazy times.

So Thursday night we were skeleton crew. Started shooting around 7:50. Ryan (usual D.P.) couldn’t make it, so my first A.D., Chris, took over the camera and we had a one-man sound crew consisting of David, who is a regularly one part of a two man sound team. Whenever David needed to do something else, I took over sound unless I was acting, in which case the boom pole ended up resting against something pointed in the direction of the actors. For some reason we’ve always had to implement the “lean the boom pole” technique whenever we shoot in Jonas’s room. Which is fine. It works. It’s not like there’s room for more than three people in the crawl space anyway and two of those are usually actors. We ended up wrapping at 12:30 and then hung out drinking and talking until around 3. It was great. There hasn’t been a lot of after-shoot hanging out and I’ve been missing it.

Oh yeah! We did a really crazy tracking setup. Since Ryan is usually there for every shoot day, most of the equipment just rides in his car. When we were transferring everything to my car, in preparation for his Thursday night absence, we didn’t grab the T-36 (wheelchair dolly) or the Glidecam (poor man’s steadicam). So when I wanted a slow track backward at the end of the night we threw around a few ideas until I devised the LEAST PRACTICAL (but ended up working) dolly system ever. We ended up pulling up the rug because the bare wood gave less friction, laying down a blanket, stacking up empty storage bins until it was the right height to set the camera on, and then David pulled the blanket backward at an excruciatingly slow pace for a 4-foot tracking shot while Chris braced the camera on top of the storage bins with one hand and pulled focus with the other to keep Craig sharp for a paragraph long monologue while I ran sound. It took about 23 takes, but we got there, and it looked really smooth.

I swear I’m not purposely going out of my way to make things harder for us, it just looks that way sometimes.

Thanks for reading guys.

Jarvi out.


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