Production week 3

Day 6. Wednesday. At this point, I was fairly convinced that our production was cursed. We got to location and started setting up before one of our friends said, “What time does the bar downstairs start playing music?” We looked at each other and heads started shaking. The music started right as we were ready to do our first take. We shot from 8 to after 11, and most of the ambient sound has various baselines (thank you, DJ) running under it, but the performances were good and we made our night. We also started implementing production suggestions from Tim (Producer) and Chris (1st Assistant Director) that should have been in place all along, just in terms of how we run our sets. It’s made shoots move so much smoother. I just need to remember to stress to our cast (mostly made up of non-actors) how much time they could save us by memorizing their dialogue ahead of time.

Day 7. Thursday. Finally, a really smooth day. The actors were mostly off book, the crew was running like a well-oiled machine, and I was able to get every shot on my list without having to combine or cut anything I was hoping to get. Another 8 to 11 day. The new set methods were really working, walkthroughs, base camps, and division of labor really made an outstanding difference. On top of the fact that I didn’t insanely over schedule the page count this time. That makes a difference too.

Day 8. Saturday. I scheduled a noon start so that we could sleep in for a change. It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t been able to sleep past 8:30, which is unusual for me—come one, give me a break, we don’t have kids and I’m a night person. Everyone showed up late and we started around 1 p.m. We shot all day, got everything I wanted just the away I wanted and we wrapped at around 11:30. It was an absolutely amazing day. So good. Great character stuff for our villain, Damon. I swear, Derrick just gets better and better every time he plays this guy. And he’s such a fun character to write. Every one of our actors has upped their game for this episode; it’s been awesome.

Our big action spectacular scene shoots this weekend. We’re doing everything we can to prep for it ahead of time and I hope we can hit the ground running. I think the video update is going to be Eliza vlogging from set while we work.

This blog post would be dishonest without me talking about the series of personality altering meltdowns I’ve had trying to keep up with the ridiculous schedule as I originally set it up. Pushing episode 7 back made things more manageable, but it’s going to take me a little time to start feeling normal again. The constant feeling of nausea has started to subside and I’m starting to regain my appetite a little bit, so those are probably good things. Each one of these episodes is written and scheduled for a professional production and then I tried to cram two of them into all of our spare time around our jobs. That was never going to work. One of the comments on this week’s video update was some little d-bag saying, “I think you’re taking this show too seriously. Your videos don’t even get over 100,000 views.” But how can I expect anyone to take this seriously if I don’t? I have to take this seriously, otherwise, why am I doing it?

Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.

One Response to “Production week 3”

  1. That comment doesn’t bring the right point across – the point is that the videos should get over 100’000 views! The fact that you put that much effort into them, even though they don’t, is exactly the reason why they turn out this great.

    Personally I admire anyone who can commit to something they love doing. One of my favourite quotes says that: ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’ so what you have there is priceless.

    Plus producing this whole thing is certainly more satisfying that leaving some stinking comment on someone’s video ;-).

    Yes I’ll shut it! 😀

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