Production: Week 1

Day 1 was on Sunday. I woke up at 8 and started putting things into piles and started uploading the update because I couldn’t sleep anymore. People started showing up at 9, Ryan unveiled our new mark ii, and we hit the ground running. We got 4 small scenes in four separate locations before lunch and hit our big 6-page location at around 1:30. We fought it as hard as we could, but we were never going to be able to wrap those pages on Sunday. It was all outside in the freezing cold, to the point that portions of the shoot occurred while it was lightly hailing and a crew member held an umbrella over the camera. There were too many setups, too many effects shots, and we ran out of daylight. I’m hoping that’s not a precursor of things to come. I realize that Eliza and I scheduled this thing VERY ambitiously, but I hope not TOO ambitiously. Maybe I just need to make my shot lists a little more achievable. I write a lot of setups. ANYWAY, Day 1 continued—We moved to our sixth and final location after dark and shot until 7:30 p.m., where we did wrap a location. I had forgotten to return a dangerous prop, so we had about an hour of driving to do before sitting on the couch and staring into space like a zombie. I was a little down that we didn’t get everything done until I imported the footage. Canon’s 5D mark ii is a BEAST!!! That’s a beast in caps and trip exclamation points, y’all. You better recognize. Everything we had shot that day was the best looking thing we have ever shot. Once I saw that I was pretty much like, it’ll take the time it takes and it’ll be worth it.

Day 2 was Tuesday night. After work I went home and grabbed the piles of things that Eliza and I had stayed up until 1 preparing the night before—set dressing, props, shot list, as well as a bunch of the gear—and headed out to pick up crew members for a road trip to Milwaukee. What? Yup. Why? ‘Cause. One of our new crew members, Amudha, had a cool lab location up there for us. We were at location by 8:30 p.m., signed ourselves through security, and started deciding which rooms to use. We hit it hard, but by the time we got some of the more difficult shots taken care of it was already 10:15. I tossed my shot list, because it was too long and the second location didn’t line up with the one I imagined in my head and we grabbed cool shots in scene sequence until we wrapped at 11. Packing up gear, dropping people off, a way-late, super-overdue dinner, and we were back home by 2. We got everything we needed and it was all awesome.

I’m beat already. Day 3 was supposed to be on Sunday, but we scheduled the pickups from Day 1 for Saturday making it the new Day 3. Nothing to do but just keep on cowboy-ing. I need a little more sleep, but these episodes are going to be unbelievably awesome.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.

3 Responses to “Production: Week 1”

  1. Tuesday night may have taken forever, but it was fun. I love that we were given practically free reign of the building and labs.

  2. Jake, you’re right, it’s done when it’s DONE! Keep in mind, this may spring you into bigger, better things, give this your all! You deserve it, and of course we do too! 😉

  3. Sounds awesome!
    The sleep deprivation is a bummer when you try to work the day after… But falling asleep completely exhausted after accomplishing something is well worth it (in my experience :D).

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