In a Week and a Half

The title this week refers to the fact that our first day of shooting is a week and a half away. I need to cast some more people, find a bunch of locations, start getting props set up, shotlist both episodes, get Eliza started on some storyboarding sequences, hold a couple of one on one rehearsals, and we still need a camera. I need to stop talking about it. When I list it all in a row like that I kind of start hoping I’ll pass out.

I always think about how much easier it would be to do all of this within the well-oiled workings of a studio system, but that’s probably not true. Sure, they have more experience putting this stuff together then us and we make up a lot of our production processes as we go along, but when it comes to telling a story that you care about, it seems like that’s always a struggle. I was reading some of Clint Eastwood’s quotes on IMDb this week and if anyone should have an easy time getting a movie made, it’s friggn’ Clint. Dude’s been around for forever and he’s been considered a movie icon for over 3 decades now. Check out what he said about getting his Academy Award-winning films into production:

“I liked the Million Dollar Baby script a lot. Warner Bros. said the project had been submitted to them and they’d passed on it. I said, “But I like it.” They said, “Well, it’s a boxing movie.” And I said, “It’s not a boxing movie in my opinion. It’s a father-daughter love story, and it’s a lot of other things besides a boxing movie.” They hemmed and hawed and finally said that if I wanted to take it, maybe they’d pay for the domestic rights only. After that, I’d be on my own. We took it to a couple of other studios, and they turned it down, much like Mystic River was turned down, the exact same pattern. People who kept calling and saying, “Come on, work with us on stuff.” I’d give it to them, and they’d go, ‘Uh, we were thinking more in terms of Dirty Harry coming out of retirement.’”

Even Clint Eastwood. Damn, movie system, that’s cold. No wonder Howard and Grazer cant find a studio for the Dark Tower series. However, on the other side of the coin, let’s take a look at something awesome that dropped this week from the quickly-greenlighted-and-rushed-into-production-franchises-to-try-and-capitalize-on-the-popularity-of-a-sensational-story-already-proven-successful-in-another-medium camp.

Amazing. I can’t wait for The Hunger Games.

Thanks for reading, y’all.

Jarvi out.


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