PoPS video update 68-Read-through & Reading

2 Responses to “PoPS video update 68-Read-through & Reading”

  1. Finally finished my essay (draft) so I can (finally) watch my popsdate.
    Sundays would be more boring without them, and blissfully more boring without essay (drafts) that are due.

    Anyways, I didn’t comment on the previous one because stuff happened, but I have to say: I LOVE reading off my computer.And when I get a kindle or whatever, I’m gonna love reading off that too, because I like being able to carry a small library around without actully having to carry a small library around. I like having reading options.

    Give me an ebook in pdf or whatever and i’m good to go! Especially, especially when it’s some boring ass book i HAVE to read for school. My trick is to enlarge the text when I get bored, it helps me stay awake suffciently long to finish reading.

    I do like books too, though. Would always want some paper copies of the most important stuff. But, I’ll admit if I’m ever reading “under the dome” by S. King I’m so going to get it for ebook.I would NOT want to lug those bricks around, even in paperback edition.

    In closing: you’ve had a lot of coffee today, haven’t you?

    ps: looking forward to new spoilerfree popsdates!

  2. i want to crew epsidoe 7! what say you?

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