Fundraiser & Read-through

Man, it’s been a gonesville week already. Our IndieGoGo campaign has now come to a close and we made our goal again. We were looking for $15,000 and we crossed the finish line with only a couple hours to spare with a final total of $15,455. How in the hell did that happen? One reason, two words: Craig Benzine. Our guardian angel came through for us again. Rolling into the last weekend we had a little over $10,000 on the campaign page. That alone is amazing. I couldn’t believe we had even made it it that far. Then Craig (Donald on PoPS, wheezywaiter to the YouTube world) makes a couple of videos on his supplemental YouTube channels encouraging people to donate to the show, not even on his main channel, and in the course of a day about 2 grand shows up. But he wasn’t satisfied with that. So with about 5 hours left before the end of the campaign he started a live show on blogtv where he would perform as people donated to the campaign. He did a dance, he played some songs, and he took us to our goal. That’s right. Dude brought in around 5 grand in two days. Approximately $2500 of which he brought in over the course of one hour, telethon-style. He’s an awesome guy who continues to champion our show like nobody else. He needs a producer credit this time. He should have had one on the last episode too. What the hell, Jake? And a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to donate! Wait ‘til you see what we have in store for you.

We had a read-through of both episodes 6 and 7 on Monday night. The next video update will have some footage from that. It was a total blast. The episodes got great responses from the people who hadn’t read them yet. Some things that I was questioning on the page sounded great when they were read aloud, which makes for a hell of a successful read-through if you ask me. Derrick (Damon on PoPS, and our composer) hosted at his place and he and his fiancé Jo were 1,000 times the hosts we’ve ever been for a read-through. Everyone had a great time and the scripts read beautifully. Tonight we’re holding auditions in the city. I’m already exhausted, but it won’t be letting up this week.

Now that production-y things have actually started, it’s starting to feel real again and a little more doable as the production mindset reemerges. It’s going to be a crazy ride this time. 40 new side characters, a ton of locations, and a total of 127 script pages. 6 & 7, here we come.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.


One Response to “Fundraiser & Read-through”

  1. It’ll be interesting watching an episode written by someone else, I can’t wait until the episodes and the footage from the read throughs. Oh and congratulations with meeting and beating the donation goal 🙂

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