I’ve essentially been holding my breath for the last two weeks. I’ve been nervous ever since sending Chris the story outline for episode 7.

I guess it’s kind of like the first time you leave your kid with a babysitter. Well, I have zero frame of reference for that, so that’s probably not fair. Let’s say it’s like loaning a car you built yourself to a friend. You trust them, but you’ve never let anyone else drive that car before, so you’re going to feel distracted until it’s back in your driveway. (I’ve also never built a car, but I do HAVE a car)

It’s not that I thought he couldn’t pull it off, but I had never seen anything that he’d written before. I knew he was a funny guy, that we have similar taste in shows and movies, that he’s like a Swiss Army knife on a set, and that he devoutly devours more media than even I do, but no writing samples. I didn’t even realize how nervous I was, but when he finally emailed me his rough draft on Tuesday, I actually took a deep breath before double-clicking on the file. In about a half a page I exhaled, by a page and a half I was trying not to laugh out loud. It’s good. Dude’s a hell of a funny writer. I gave him a bunch of notes and asked him to have a more polished draft back by the weekend. Then comes the fine tuning. Hopefully, we’ll have a pretty solid shooting script within the next week. Episodes 6 & 7 are going to be amazing.

We’re also getting ready to launch our next fundraising effort. I’ll probably have info on that for you next week.

Thanks for reading.

Jarvi out.


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