PoPS video update 78-Signatures


4 Responses to “PoPS video update 78-Signatures”

  1. Robert J. Welle II Says:

    You guys just have a fantastic flow with this community you have created, keep on the awesome! On another note, that time lapse felt like i was watching somebody play “The Sims” in Fast forward mode.. haha.

    Oh yeah, one thing Jake – we appreciate the dedication, but please don’t turn down paid vid gigs when afforded the opportunity – PoPs isnt going anywhere, and you advancing your talents and networking etc. can only benefit your fans… just sayin’ (not to mention $$)

    • I hear you, man. But the paid gigs have no relation to the industry I’m interested in it. They’re basically videographer gigs; no networking, no real technique growth, just a little bit of money. I don’t really see them as worth it.

      And I think PoPS is going somewhere. Maybe not professionally, but as a story I can’t wait to bring it to it’s tenth episode conclusion. That’s the kind of destination I’m really into. Story resolution.

      • Robert J. Welle II Says:

        Re-reading my statement, when I said “PoPs isn’t going anywhere” I REALLY meant for that to be portrayed as “PoPs Tarts aren’t going anywhere, the show will always be there for you” – the show most CERTAINLY is going somewhere. But i understand your not wanting to do jobs of that nature…

        I am excited to see where this story and show takes you and the rest of the PoPs team… i see great things – sooo how bout that next episode?

  2. lol nathan filion would be a lucrative cameo, or neal patrick harris… when ever you see either of them in a web series it suddenly takes off.

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