Writing episode 6 (week 2)

I still don’t know how much of our donation money is going to go toward postage on sending out all of these donor prizes, but we just wrote addresses on a ton of envelopes and they’re from all over the world (not kidding, like Japan to the Netherlands to Australia to all over North America and countries I was previously unfamiliar with), so I’m guessing A LOT. We’re trying to rethink our approach to raising funds for episodes 6 and 7 so that the prizes can be sent via download or something. Anyway, anytime I think about the money side of our little storytelling endeavor I start to flip out, so enough about that.

The first draft of episode 6 is going to be huge. We’re finally gearing up into Act 3 for all of the storylines but I’m already on page 37. Keeping in mind that the Episode 5 script was 47-pages for a 34-minute episode, I think we’re going to have to do a little chopping on this one. But I’m REALLY LOVING all the plotlines. So much fun. And careful inspection of the hours I spend behind the keyboard puts my current new-material output at about 2 pages an hour. It’s a little slower than I’d like.

I was thinking about the nature of our show and how we don’t have enough money to even pay people scale. I’m still waiting for the day we become successful enough for the Screen Actors Guild to try and fine me for acting in a non-signatory show that I created, write, direct, and produce, and then I have to just hand over my SAG card and say, ‘Sorry, no one was hiring me to act, but it’s fun.’ It’ll be sad to see those initiation fees and years of dues go down the drain, but I won’t regret it for the show that we’ve made and the characters we’ve created. All of that aside, I was thinking about the way it is for people who are eager to be a part of the process:

Phase 1: You do it strictly for the love of it. You work on any project that sounds fun and you do it for nothing, because it’s what you love to do.

Phase 2: You work in any project that you can get hired onto as a paid professional. You’ve got a marketable talent or craft that you use to make money in the industry you love, regardless of the content. You’re a gun for hire and you work on what pays you. If you happen to like the project, bonus, but usually unlikely.

Phase 3: You’ve become successful enough to get paid to make projects you’re passionate about. Maybe they’re marketable, maybe they’re not, but you believe in the stories you’re telling and the characters that take you there, and your track record is such that you get paid well to do it. This phase made me think of Helen Mirren for some reason. Classy lady. Very good actress.

Then I thought about where I am with The Platoon of Power Squadron. Obviously, phase 1, right? However, I keep turning down phase 2 gigs so I have more time to devote to my phase 1 gig, which means I’m treating my phase 1 as a phase 3, without there being any kind of financial bonus. This is crazy right? The look in my wife’s eye every time I turn down a paying video gig makes me think it might be.

In other news, I found a website out of South East Asia called BuzzPOP that’s kind of syndicating PopS episodes. They’re doing it from the beginning, putting up a new YouTube part every Tuesday for their audience, so they’re only on Episode 1 part  4. I think that’s pretty cool.  They’re kind of GeekTyrant-ish and they made a kickass banner for it from posters that Carlyn made. Check it out:

BuzzPOP PoPS page

Damn, that was a long one. Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.


3 Responses to “Writing episode 6 (week 2)”

  1. if i had the money, i would fund you to make this show. i mean fully fund. i will contact you immediately if i ever win the lottery. until then, i appreciate all of the hard work you put into the show. any way i can support you guys, i would like to.

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