Writing episode 6 (week 1)

Still working on writing the script for episode six. Over the last week I’ve only been able to put seven hours into it, so I’m only 13 pages in, but I’m liking what I have so far. I think I should be able to do a little more damage to it this weekend, when we’re not traveling through a few states.  I had a difficult time starting Act 1 this time. I flew through the 5-page teaser, which I’ve been thinking about for awhile, but then I came to Act 1 and I was all…Where to start? 3 major storylines and a fun little D story were all primed for the episode and set up in the teaser, but I wasn’t sure which one to start with. I actually just sat behind the keyboard for about 25 minutes without hitting a key, tracing various plot threads in my head to see how’d they play as a beginning, but I eventually just had to pick one and go, letting the others threads fall in behind it. I think that’s ultimately how a first draft has to happen for me. Just write. If things need to be re-structured later, that’s what subsequent drafts are for. Despite my structural struggle, the characters just fall into place without me even having to think about it now. I really like them a lot.

Two fun things this week. I was googling our show, as I often do and–in addition to the fact that I’m finding a lot more blogs that mention us (which is AWESOME) and that someone has started a Wiki page about us (categorized: ALSO AWESOME)—I found two really fun things.

1: Someone (who isn’t the greatest at spelling, but whom I adore) has created a “Witch Platoon of Power Squadron character are you?” quiz.  Follow the link to find out whom you most resemble, personality-wise.

Take the PoPS personality quiz

I took the quiz—answering as honestly as I could—and, what do you know, I got Jonas.

2: This awesome new drawing which wasn’t sent to our Facebook, but which I posted there anyway as soon as I found it on SheezyArt.

Thanks for reading, guys.

 Jarvi out.


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