Upload week!!!

This is a crazy week. After months and months of work outside of “work” hours, all of the episode parts go up day after day for a week and audience feedback comes in fast and furious. It’s nerve-wracking, it’s exciting, it’s everything. It’s all of the things. ALL of them. It’s an entire flow chart of human emotions, which work their way down to a single conclusion: This is why I do this.

People are REALLY involved in the show. It’s so awesome. LOST-esque theory discussions have been popping up in our YouTube comments sections. Like, “I bet this is why this is happening” type stuff. Just like on all those LOST boards I used to frequent. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to happen. People are involved with these characters and storylines now the way that I’m involved with all the shows that I love. AND they’re digging the comedy. It’s a dream come true. And it’s entirely new feeling for content creators as of the last decade. Complete creative control and direct contact with a ravenous audience. It’s amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are assholes. But there are always going to be. My wife was the voice of reason on that particular subject last night and she was absolutely right. The second part of episode 5 had over 800 “likes” before the first “dislike” rolled in and then everyone in the comments went crazy about, “Who would dislike this? WHY?!” That sort of thing is really encouraging and really cool. Three of the five episode parts are up now and so I think I’ll just put those up here and leave it at that for this week. The first video is a “previously on,” recapping the first four episodes in 60 seconds. The three which follow are the first three parts of episode five—our first episode shot with the glory of DSLRs—and if you double click on any of them you’ll end up at the video page on YouTube where you can peruse the pages and pages of what people are saying.

I won’t be stopping in next week, because I’m taking an entire week off of everything before diving in to write episode 6. But I’ll see you two weeks from today! Thanks for reading, guys!

Jarvi out.

2 Responses to “Upload week!!!”

  1. i really hope this doesn’t offend you. i don’t have better words to say how i feel about the new episode. all that comes to mind is jizz, in my pants. yup.

  2. Tiresandplanes Says:

    Do you plan on doing a Kickstarter for each episode?

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