The Only Constant is Change…and Daniel Faraday.

This week I bring you a 60 second trailer for the 5th episode of PoPS. “Please to enjoy.”

I always do this to myself. I announce a release date and then have to run like hell to make the show as good as possible before launching it. I’m pretty hyper about this one and so is the audience—based on the response I’ve received to the trailer since I put it up this morning.

The “change” I speak of in the title is a change in my general attitude vis-à-vis the weekly vlog-like video updates I do for our audience. I think they’re pretty much going to disappear after the release of episode 5. I’ll probably do one every once in awhile just to let people know that we’re still working on it, but with much less frequency.  I’m not entirely sure what that’ll do to my following, but I’ve reached a point where I’m okay with that. I never wanted to be a vlogger, that’s kind of what I’m turning into, and since I absolutely don’t want that, it’s time to make a change. The other half of the title is a LOST joke—in case you weren’t a fan.

Craig, from our show (also a very successful vlogger), thinks the interruption of the updates is a very bad idea in terms of keeping the audience happy. If that’s the case, so be it. I just want to make the show and I’ll keep making it, if people want to watch it, they will. If they were tuning in for a vlogger, they can throw a theoretical rock on YouTube and hit a thousand others. (A Thousand Others would be a good name for a band. They could just play songs about LOST.)

I’m also unsure what this may do to my blogging here, since a large portion of the interest has been the video updates, but every hour I spend on an update is an hour I lose working on the show, which is another hour I have to make up for instead of spending time with my wife and friends. When I weigh it like that, I’d rather spend it on the show, which I actually consider to be worthwhile; unlike my vlogging, which is half-hearted at best.

If you’ve been reading these for a while, you might have already seen this coming. Well…it’s in the mail now. Postage due in August.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.


4 Responses to “The Only Constant is Change…and Daniel Faraday.”

  1. Gaylesking Says:

    I enjoyed the updates. I enjoyed having a weekly interaction with the creator of one of my favorite shows, and, shoot, you were entertaining. But, when I think about it, I enjoy the show more than the updates, and I absolutely respect the decision to discontinue them. But I do have to put this out there. Would you have as much of an audience if you didn’t do the updates? I think that’s a fairly easy question to answer, and to just extend it a little further, would you have nearly as many Kickstarter donations if you had discontinued the updates? If continuing with the Kickstarter campaign was your plan, I think what I’m wondering is, do you think the time you save doing updates will outway the money you make in donations from people that wouldn’t otherwise watch the show? If it’s a decision made on principle, out of not wanting to stray into vlogging, that’s a decision I respect. But I do have to wonder, if the quality of the show is your priority, do you think your audience, and donations, would shrink enough to impact the quality of the show if you were to discontinue the updates?

    • I don’t think we’d have as much of an audience if I didn’t do the updates, and there’s no way the Kickstarter campaign would have been as successful without them, but a couple things here…

      1. The audience has reached a very nice size, so they can decide what they want out of the channel. If it isn’t the show, then they’ll unsubscribe and I feel pretty okay about that.

      2. I don’t want to do another Kickstarter campaign. I think the fact that it worked so well speaks very highly for the show and I appreciate that more than anything else about the experience. The money itself, I don’t think did a whole lot for the quality of the show. If we can use the rest of the donations to get ourselves a camera to use, I’ll consider the Kickstarter campaign a success. But I don’t particularly like what it did to some people’s attitudes and I don’t think we’re particularly adept at handling finances. A portion of that money is still just sitting around.

      So I hope nobody from production tries to talk me into doing Kickstarter again. I don’t like it. If they want to be paid for doing this show, I hope they have an alternate revenue stream in mind. Because I don’t care if I ever make a dime off this show. I just want it to be as good as possible.

      Now here comes the argument where quality costs…well, I can’t say I know what the answer is here. I’m just tired. The money didn’t seem to do what it promised, it just made things harder. If the audience wants to take off because I won’t dance for them on a weekly basis, then they’ll take off. I’d rather that than get known for vlogging.

      I appreciate you really weighing in on this one, Gaylesking. You’ve always been vocal around these parts and I value your input a lot. Thanks for reading, and thanks especially for all the writing.

  2. Hey Jake, Brandon here. We once spoke while you were on a radio show, at any rate I’ll get right to it.
    While I am sad to hear that your updates will be less frequent; I understand where it is you are coming from. You’re a content creator, and you’d rather create the show than create a show about the creating of the show.
    I started watching Pineappleboy Films because of Episode 1, and I stuck around for the other episodes. Also some of the older stuff you did was pretty cool as well. With the updates, I never thought of it as you “dancing for the audience”, it just gave, well for me at least, a way to connect with the show and the people behind the characters. I’m sure many others felt that way as well.
    Either way, updates or not, I won’t be going anywhere. Episode 5 looks amazing, and I’m sure that whatever you have for Episode 6 is just as good.

    • Thanks, Brandon. I know what you’re saying is true. I think a majority of people see the updates as you do and those are the people I originally started doing them for. I’ve just been kind of grumpy at YouTube lately. Maybe this whole thing will blow over, but last week’s update–as simple as it was–set me back practically 3 hours. I was blown away. There was just some rendering complications from trying to do the speed up time lapse and of course I had to import 25 minutes of footage of me and Eliza sitting on the floor before I did the time lapse thing.

      Only a small percentage of the audience makes me feel like I have to “dance for them” but they discourage me weekly. Like I said, maybe this will all blow over in a little bit. I have a tendency to make huge proclamations when I’m in a bad mood and then kind of try to quietly back away from the giant exclamation point in the room later.

      Thanks for weighing in here.

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