Blowing Off Steam

The last update was a result of genuine restlessness on my part. After sitting around for months, working solely on Ep5, I needed to work on something fast, fun, and not PoPS related. In fact, I haven’t worked on a non-PoPS project for myself in the last three years. That’s the longest amount of time I’ve ever devoted to one project. So, Chris and I headed down to Ryan’s place in the city and shot that in about 4 hours. I had the rough outline of events in my head and we just hashed out the specifics as we shot it. The effects, even as rough as they are, still took about 40 hours of my time away from working on Ep5, but it felt completely different. It was shiny and new enough that I had that “always want to be working on it” feeling. I still get that from PoPS, but we’re aiming for a much higher level of quality now, so things move a lot slower. We were just flying fast and loose for the update, so even though we wanted that 500 shutter speed look to it and we didn’t have enough light to get rid of the grain we were like, “Eh, it’s just an update,” and had fun with it. It was awesome, and it provided me with just enough of a break to recharge my Ep5 batteries.

Even though we pretended that Ryan was shirking his effects duties for 4 weeks, he was actually working on one of the most difficult effects sequences in the history of our show and it turned out really badass. Seeing that sequence finally come together, mixed with the fun of the update really lit a fire under me and I can’t wait to get the rest of the episode put together. I’m having my first scoring meeting with our composer tomorrow night, and more effects shots have been coming in from Ryan every day.

Another funny thing came to pass as a result of the update. When we were pretending that I couldn’t get a hold of Ryan, one of our viewers from Germany contacted me about helping out with some effects. I’ve received a few of these offers before. Most of the time the people end up backing out when they realize the scope of the work, or they’re work examples aren’t up to the job. But this dude, Leo, is an actual CG-capable VFX guy. His reel is hyper-badass and when I gave him the footage of a very pivotal Ep5 scene, he came at me with all kinds of cool ideas and techniques that I–not a real effects person–had never envisioned. It’s really awesome working with a dude who’s not inventing workflow off the top of his head. He even asked me to define the set as a 3D space in terms of measurements from the lens. My wife and I walked around the apartment with her sewing measuring tape shouting the measurements to him over Skype. It was awesome. Our conversation about that sequence and his plans for it got me really wired. So things are coming along, slower than ever as more people get involved, but better than ever as well. Good times.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.

2 Responses to “Blowing Off Steam”

  1. This update was truly epic, and it was nice seeing something… Breifly POPs related, if that makes sense! If I had a Mac and wasn’t just learning how to work Final Cut, I’d offer help too 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this update. It was fun, fast and furious.

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