I never wanted to be a vlogger

In the last update, I think some people thought I was stating that vloggers were producing the same quality of content as Hemingway and Picasso. No. Not my meaning at all. But the advent of vlogging is definitely a new development in visual entertainment. Whether it’s a destination in itself or a stepping-stone to something else remains to be seen. I think it would have been clearer if I had used the word “significant” instead of “important.” “Significant” is more in line with my intention.

But the fact that vloggers and short-film makers who make 3-minute shorts produce content on a fairly quick basis is the reason that my commenters start to harass me. Those guys upload all the time for two reasons. 1: It’s all they do. They don’t have a job taking up 40 to 50 hours of their week. 2: The complexity of what they’re doing to the complexity of what we’re doing is as napping is to staging a coup d’état. Yes, their content is valid entertainment. They’re great personalities who have insightful commentaries on events and fun sketches, asides, and songs. We’re running an evolving storyline effects show in the form of traditional entertainment using a multitude of actors, locations, and post-production disciplines. The majority of their videos are one shot and a bunch of jump cuts. I do those too. Every week. They’re called updates and I throw them together in a couple hours. The show is something else all together, but the internet audience doesn’t really care about that. They want their free entertainment and they want it now.

I am getting a little antsy though to put something cool out. I think I will, and then everyone will be like, “You spent too much time making that! You should be working on the show!” Oh well. I have work to do. I better get to it.

This is also the point in the blog entries where I start to sound a little critical of our audience. Just hang in there. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to how critical they start becoming of me.

Thanks for reading.

Jarvi out.


2 Responses to “I never wanted to be a vlogger”

  1. Hi, I’ve never really commented on here before, but I thought this would be a pretty good first comment post thing. I love watching the updates. I truly do; I want to go into Script writing when I “grow up” (I’m 17 now) I want to work for television shows, films, plays, radio stuff… And I find your update videos a brilliant gateway in which I can see what it’s like for someone does it, maybe not as a “proper” job, but it’s something that… You do and you clearly love. As for the hassle you get from the audience, in a way it’s a sign that they love the show and that you’re doing a great job.
    Keep up the good work Jake,
    Daisy out.

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