Speed or Quality & Resume Reflection

We’re now at the point in PoPS episode production when the audience complaints start to ramp up. After about the 20-week mark since the release of the last episode, people start to get a little more vocal about wanting the next episode to come out. Then I start to feel like any time I spend away from the computer is time that I’m failing the audience. Frankly, it’s kind of amazing that they hold out for 20 weeks. YouTube and the internet in general is a medium that expects content quickly. That’s partially why vlogging is so successful. You can easily do a decent looking vlog in a day. Try to do that with a web series and it usually looks like garbage. I think that’s why web series have gotten such a bad name. People sacrifice quality for a faster turnover and then the people that were clamoring for you to hurry unsubscribe because the quality tanked. I think I’ll just let this take the time it needs. I did ALL of post on episode 1 of PoPS in two weeks, including sound and VFX, but that’s because I did it days and evenings for two weeks straight. And it was standard def, which was a little more forgiving work-flow wise.

Also this week, someone asked me for a bio of my film work for a project that they’re trying to get put together. When I revised my standard bio to include some new stuff and I read it back, I was actually surprised. It sounded like a lot of stuff. I guess you don’t notice when you’re living through it and each project takes months, but all lined up in a row it seems that I’ve been doing this stuff for awhile. Here’s my current bio:

Jake Jarvi’s been behind a camera since he was 12.  In high school, he received an award at the Illinois Film and Video Competition in the Drama category for a VHS short about a hitman and his quarry. He then received The Presidential Scholarship in film to attend Columbia College, Chicago.

 Jake spent five years in L.A., acting in the films “Old School” and “Bondage,” appearing in a few commercials, and landing a co-starring role on a Rob Lowe TV vehicle the day it was canceled. Before returning to Illinois, he made his first feature motion picture entitled “The Girl,” using consumer grade equipment, shooting on evenings and weekends. Reviewers have compared it to the early works of Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino. His comedy pilot, “Green’s Nursery,” landed in the top three at the Chicago Comedy Pilot Competition in 2007 at the historic Music Box Theater. He then worked with Meadowdale Pictures on the horror film “DISGRUNTLED” as co-writer and editor the same year that he wrote, directed, edited, and produced a short-form version of his “Twisted Thicket” concept, a fantasy fable, which screened at Vines Shorts Fest in Santa Monica, CA.

He’s served as the Digital Editor for SheridanRD.com for the last three years, editing every video that appears on their website as well as writing over 160 feature articles, profiles, and movie reviews for their print publication, Sheridan Road Magazine.

Which brings us to “The Platoon of Power Squadron,” his YouTube web serial about four 20-somethings with no outlet for their super powers. For the first four episodes he served as actor, writer, director, producer, editor, sound effects editor, and main VFX and compositing artist. For episode 5, a small portion of the audience donated just over 9 thousand dollars to help offset the cost of the series. He is currently in post production on the 5th episode out of a projected 10-episode series arc.

All put together like that, it seems like I’ve been up to some things. I was just too busy working on projects to look around for a second and realize it.

Thanks for reading, y’all.

Jarvi out.


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