The Day Job

You know what’s messed up? This Arnold Schwarzenegger love-child situation. As if he thought, “Let’s just see how this pans out for 14 years, if he doesn’t look like Conan by then, maybe it can still be swept under the rug.” Even more disturbing is that it was a bigger news story than the flooding Mississippi destroying everyone’s lives on CNN during my lunch break. You know, it’s even pretty disturbing that I can’t sit down for a slice of pizza in a tiny storefront without being forced to watch CNN on a giant flat screen. And now I’ve commemorated all of it in a blog post. Wow. This actually sounded like a normal blog for a second. Moving on.

Reflecting on that last video update, most of the comment-chatter on the boards this week is a surprisingly impassioned debate as to whether Batman or Harry Potter would win in a fight. I didn’t expect for this to be such a hot button topic, and I doubt even the commenter who suggested it knew it would be this big of a deal. In fact, I didn’t truly realize how strongly even I felt about it until discussing it with my wife. We were driving home from Iowa when she launched her flag for Team Potter. I hadn’t even really thought about it, but once I started to, it seemed pretty clear that without Harry’s friends standing by, Batman would take him apart—and I LOVE Harry Potter, okay? I won’t go into too much detail here, because Eliza does read these things occasionally, but we practically got into an argument over it. It was pretty unbelievable. She kept saying that Batman was only a man and Harry went on to become an Auror, and I started telling her that her “Magic is Might” stance was starting to sound pretty Voldemort-ian. The bottom line is, people love their characters and strange theoretical fight mash-up questions.

There were a few people who thought my day job sounded pretty cool. And looking back through the footage, yeah, it isn’t bad: writing articles in coffee shops and libraries, editing behind-the-scenes videos of fashion photo shoots, and especially Fridays, watching and reviewing movies. There are far worse day jobs than this action. And The Beaver was unexpectedly powerful and really well written.

Now that I’m in the editing portion of Ep5, earth-shattering news isn’t coming in hard and fast anymore. No production war stories. No scheduling conflicts. I’m just sitting at the computer for 2-hours a weeknight, longer on weekends, piecing it together, and I’ll be doing that for a while longer. I will say though, that the possibility of an interesting opportunity came in the form of a Skype conversation last night. There’s a lot of development that would need to happen without my involvement before they get back to me, but they just wanted to touch base. Maybe nothing will come from it, but day job cowboys could never do what they do without big expectations and an natural inclination toward hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading.

Jarvi out.

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