Set Dreams

I’ve been burning the candle at so many ends lately that it never even occurred to me that by naming the update below “Disaster Strikes” it might actually worry some of the PoPS audience. A few of them were worried that I was canceling the show or something. It was very sweet.

I think I’ve finally realized that I was TOO ambitious when writing and planning episode 5. We’re getting everything we need so far, but it feels like we’re just barely keeping our feet underneath us. We shot all of Saturday, all of Sunday, and then after work on Monday until midnight. The setups have been crazy, we had a ton of extras for the shoot on Monday night, which was awesome and strange, and the scope is just much larger in reality than I anticipated on the page. We’re shooting for the next 2 nights attempting to get a visually ambitious 38-setup 2-page sequence for the opening, shooting only between the hours of 7pm to 11pm. For real. It’s a night scene and we still only use clip lamps for lighting. I must be crazy.

But the real reason I know we’re feeling a lot of pressure is that for the first time ever in the history of PoPS, the crew’s begun having set dreams. Set dreams are exactly what they sound like. You have a stressful dream about being on set so that by the time you wake up, it’s like you never left set and you feel like you’ll never be able to relax ever again. They happen more on particularly stressful shoots. Ryan (D.P./Producer) was the first to have one; at least he was the first to tell me about it. The plot of his seemed to hinge on my crazy desire to do a gagillion complicated setups in a day, each one involving some kind of move or focus pull, or my favorite, several moves accompanied by a series of focus pulls. The cause of the stress for Ryan’s set dream is perfectly understandable: I’m the kind of director with insane shot lists and expectations to match. I had my first set dream last night about coming to set tonight to discover that we forgot to bring any lighting to the night shoot. Mine obviously revolves around the forgetfulness that seems to be plaguing us throughout episode 5 production. I firmly believe that it’s a forgetfulness borne of all of us having to remember WAY TOO MANY THINGS and a need for me to pair the scale back a skoshe for episode 6.

Next week’s video should have a bunch of crazy footage from all the crazy shooting we’ve been doing.

Thanks for reading.

Jarvi out.


One Response to “Set Dreams”

  1. zware88 Says:

    It seems that your equipmen is scattered, or it depends on several people to be brought together from different places ( see: scattered)..oh wait I already said that. Anyhow, “Don’t let perfection stand in the way of execution”
    All the best!

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