Auditions and a 2nd 1st Day

This week has been more of the same. Scheduling conflicts and craziness. Getting hit from all sides. It’s been one of those weeks where you sit back and think, “Wait a second here. I could keep slamming my head against this immovable f-ing object or…I could not.” And then I tell my wife I’ve quit the show and she says, “Okay, honey,” and we watch some TV or make some food or do some dishes, and then in about an hour the show’s back on again. She’d put up more of a fight if she ever thought I was serious.

Auditioning prospective actors and actresses is just plain weird. This is why productions hire casting companies. Casting companies have people coming in all the time; it’s just business as usual. Actors are to casting companies what hamburgers are to McDonalds, necessary and popular but kind of nauseating at this point. But for day-job cowboys like us, dealing with actors is different. There’s always this moment when they come in and you have to get from the introductions to the slating and it’s always a really awkward transition. But even that is better than when the audition is over and you’ve thanked them and they have to get their stuff together to leave. They kind of stop interacting, because they’ve done what they came here to do. The guys and I are just standing around awkwardly waiting for them to leave so we can start talking about them. There’s just this weird “we just shared something intimate but we’re actually strangers” kind of vibe hanging in the room. Improv exercises like we did in the last video help to break the tension and give us a better look at who the auditionee actually is and how they think on their feet.

We’ve had a two-week break in ep5 production while scheduling fell through and we couldn’t get our hands on a camera. Tonight we pick it up again and do our best to soldier on. Ideally, once production starts, you’re shooting at least a couple days every week. Coming back from a two-week break, it’s almost like the first shoot day all over again. Any momentum we started to build with our first three shoot nights is solidly worn off and it’s like starting from scratch, and the first shoot day is always the hardest. It’s better if your production only has one of them. By this time next week though, the schedule says we’ll have taken care of four more shoot days. Some of it is pretty complicated stuff, so I’m curious to see what ends up in next weeks blog entry.

Until then, Jarvi out.


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