I don’t think this car has brakes.

This week has just been a week of general craziness. Every day the shoot schedule has been torn apart and pieced back together because of some new unforeseen circumstance. One cast member’s new job drastically limits her weekend availability. Our famous cast member gets invited to Pixar Studios for some reason or other and derails the most logistically difficult shoot day of the whole shoot. We need to figure out how to get production insurance if we want to rent any gear. Our D.P./camera operator is going out of town for at least 2 or 3 shoot days and we need to come up with someone to shoot. I might end up doing that for scenes that I’m not in, but it’s no good if we can’t find a 7D or a 5D mark ii for a couple days. My day-job has suddenly become ridiculously busy again in terms of the sheer amount of work I need to accomplish in a short time. And we held auditions for muggers and hot girls this week. That’s what next week’s video is going to have as a centerpiece. I’m pretty sure this is the most frustrating and difficult a PoPS production schedule has ever been. It’s like we’re in a car without brakes rolling down a very steep hill. It’s hard enough without the road falling apart underneath you and kids running out into your path at the last minute. It’ll probably all work out. Somehow it always does.

For now, I gotta go. Too much work and planning to do. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week.


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