The update situation

The video below contains a ridiculous reenactment of why I started doing the update videos in the first place. Prior to doing the video updates I would simply post the “Platoon of Power Squadron” episodes in pieces and there would just be radio silence on my channel until the next episode many months later. That’s a good way to lose subscribers. Every once in awhile I’ll go through my subscriptions box on Youtube and if I come across a username I don’t recognize I’ll just unsubscribe from it. Doing weekly updates is a way to keep that from happening to us. At least once a week, our hard-won subscribers are reminded that pineappleboyfilms makes a web serial they like. And then, just for the hell of it, I left it up to audience to determine the frequency of PoPS update videos in the future—they could keep them weekly, they could change it to every other week, or they could discontinue them entirely.

Of course, practically all of the commenters came back saying that they wanted to keep the updates going every week. But, as one commenter pointed out, I was dealing from an obviously stacked deck. I was asking the updates audience to decide on the frequency of the updates, not the entire PoPS audience. The comment said: Take the average number of updates views and subtract it from the average number of views for a PoPS episode; those are all votes for NO MORE UPDATES.
That guy is mostly right of course, but I’m positive that the frequency with which my face shows up in people’s subscriptions has directly influenced our steady growth in subscribers. People like a routine and I’ve become a part of the weekly routine for a surprisingly large amount of people.

My big quest this week involved trying to find some cost effective storyboarding software for download. Dream on. Usually, I just write the shots in the borders of my script and then line up the shots with my D.P. when we’re on set. But I’ve been designing the opening sequence of episode 5 and it’s very visually captivating and quite complicated. I want to get a lot more precise about it. I want to communicate EXACTLY the framing I see in my head and the best way to do that would be to storyboard. Since I can’t draw at all, I was hoping to find one of those programs that let’s you build a little environment and characters out of catalogued stuff and then just move the “camera” around to make the storyboards. The cheapest version of the one worth having is like 300 bucks. And, of course I’d want the 1200 dollar version with the expansion packs and everything. It’s insane. There’s absolutely no way I can convince myself (let alone my wife) to spend that kind of money on making my make-believe a little more precise. I may want to very much, but we’re working people for crying out loud. We don’t even have any credit cards. I guess we’ll just do it the old fashioned way.

Read through of the ep5 script coming up, and Tim and Ryan scheduled shooting to begin really REALLY soon, so I guess there’s nothing to do but dive in.

Thanks for reading.

Jarvi out.


2 Responses to “The update situation”

  1. Robert J. Welle II Says:

    I have a theory for you Jake; i think if you have this Kickstarter money to the point that it is… If you asked your viewers if they thought it appropriate to purchase said software, im sure none would object giving the fact that the storyboarding would assist in EP5 + 6 and most definitely future Pineapple boy productions… I also think up and comers in film making would be appreciative and intrigued by your reviews on this matter or aspect of production… Im sure many of them have been in the same dilema after getting something off the ground like PoPS

    Have a Glorious and Victorious day!
    ~RJW II

    • that seriously never even crossed my mind, dude. well, i’ll have to talk to the producers. i’m already getting all sorts of demanding about rental gear i need for this episode.

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