Trying It a Different Way

So, yeah. If I had never started uploading my stuff on Youtube, my father and I never would have had the opportunity to get a private tour of the Mythbusters shop and hang out with Adam. Too cool.

The influx of capital from our viewers has presented me with an entirely new problem that I’ve never had to face before. How does the division of labor work? There’s now a little money that’ll operate as an incentive for people other than me to consistently do some of these jobs for our show. I don’t quite know how to handle that. We’re about to have our first production meeting to go through the script and I can communicate to our producers everything that they need to find and coordinate. Prior to this episode, that entire process was a one-man show. I’d tell the other producers, “We need a this,” or, “Can you pick that up?” or, “Help me think about how to handle this,” but the coordination of everything was coming from me.

Watching behind the scenes videos, I’d see all these production meetings going on and think, “Why are they spending so much time in meetings? What a waste of time.” It never actually before dawned on me that if other people are going to coordinate everything they need to understand what the director is planning to see and wants to have on hand. I don’t know why I didn’t get it. I guess because I’ve NEVER had to deal with it before. This is going to be an entirely new production experience and it’s simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking to think about. Division of labor, man… Crazy times.

Next week I’ll have some footage from the first production meeting for the video. We’ll see how we handle this.

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