PoPS video update 47-Craig Benzine

2 Responses to “PoPS video update 47-Craig Benzine”

  1. Robert J. Welle II Says:

    Thirty three minutes of Craig has to be a record, I’m calling Guinness – they must know… From watching that “first” meeting video of you and Craig I could already tell the chemistry which you both emanate in all of the PoPs episodes; as much as i love Ty – nobody could make the “Donald and Jonas” interactions so entertaining- so i am glad Craig said yes…
    Kudos to Craig for his favorite weapon answer – i concur… and i also wish to say that i am ecstatic for the kickstarter to be creeping ever closer to the 6k mark… fingers crossed for ya that the momentum continues.

    my question for you Jake is besides for possible nostalgia purposes, why else do you write your scripts on a typewriter? Don’t get me wrong, i commend you for doing so, but i find it fascinating when technologically advanced individuals choose dated methods.

  2. What editing software do u use for PoPS?

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