How the Kickstarter thing came to be.

When we released the 4th episode of PoPS, the response from our audience was so overwhelmingly positive that my friends Tim and Ryan, producers on the show, called me up and asked for a meeting. Prior to this meeting I had decreed that anyone who helped in the finding of locations, scheduling things, or paying for things would get a producer credit. This meeting probably marks the point in the history of our little web series where a couple of guys stepped up to actually be “producers.” They decided that a six to seven month turnaround on an episode was probably a little too long. In order to churn out episodes faster, we would need to divide the responsibilities of the show a little more so that instead of me doing EVERYTHING, I would write and direct, they would schedule, someone else would edit, someone else would do effects, someone else would do the sound…you get the idea, we would become a real production. In order to make the leap to real production, we would need to try and raise money to pay people to dedicate themselves to specific parts of the process; in other words, we needed to move from no budget to low budget. I told them the same thing as always—If you can figure it out, more power to you; I don’t raise money, I just make stories; blah, blah, blah. To which they replied—You don’t have to do anything except make a video. So I made a video.

I’m sure plenty of people here are familiar with Kickstarter. You set your financial goal for your production and people can donate at various levels and you can set prize-like incentives at each of the levels. Here is our page…check it out, if you haven’t already:


Tim and Ryan worked it out that if everyone was making money at a very low budget level we could make an episode for around 15 grand. So for our first attempt we decided to try to raise half of that, $7,500. I made a video explaining why we wanted the money: to help the episodes come out faster, and for our audience to please help us out. Within the first 24 hours of launching it we had raised over 3,000 dollars. Now I don’t know if that sounds like a lot to you, but it sounds HUGE to me. As it stands now it’s been up for less than a week and we’re over halfway to our goal. The fact that people like the show enough to put their hard earned money on the table is extremely humbling to me. It makes us more than just a free web show. I’m astounded and unbelievably grateful that people consider our story something worth paying for and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank them enough.

Thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “How the Kickstarter thing came to be.”

  1. Christopher Says:

    *sniff* I’m happy to contribute even if it’s one dollar. I love your series, looking forward to the next episode.

  2. I was just able to contribute today. It’s so excited to see how close you are to your goal. PoPS is an amazing show and y’all have inspired my friends and myself. I can’t wait for the next episode! Take luck.

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