Letting go.

Ever since Ep4 finished going up I’ve been trying to distance myself from Youtube activity a little bit. The comments and views keep coming in day after day, but I’ve been trying to check them sparingly, because the whole “having an audience” thing started to drive me a little bit crazy.

After working exhaustively on the Ep4 prior to the release it seemed to be practically all I could think about. No matter what else I was doing, PoPS would keep tugging at my mind. All throughout the upload week the rest of the world had maybe only 40-50 percent of my attention and the rest would be on what the audience was saying, what were they thinking, how were they reacting? It got so that my entire mood hinged upon the whims of every stranger who watched the show. And even though–as one of member of our audience pointed out to me–850 people liked it for every 1 person that didn’t, I’d think: Why couldn’t I get that one person?!

So I just kind of let go for a week. I watched some bad movies, some good movies, did a lot of reading, and spent some time with my wife. I’ve hardly done any thinking about our show. It’s been very good. It’s been what I imagine life can be like for people who don’t have an obsession. I mean hobby. I mean thousands of people waiting for the next installment of a story you’re making up. Actually, when I put it that way it sounds really cool. I should get back to work.

Jarvi out. As in tuned out. For just a few more days.


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