ep4 trailer release

i tend to think about our show in grandiose terms, so for the couple of evenings it took me to cut the trailer together i was thinking, ‘when should we release this? what would the optimum timing be?’

but then i finished it last night and I showed it to my wife and our friend caitlin and i was like, ‘should i just put it up?’

and they were all, ‘okay.’

so i uploaded it. 30 seconds after it went live it had 70 views and just kept climbing.  i had this–what now?–kind of feeling, because so much of my time has gone into the episode lately. uploading the trailer always feels like the first completion moment of every episode. so i sat their feeling satsified for a second and then we went to trader joes and watched some buffy.


2 Responses to “ep4 trailer release”

  1. So glad the trailer is up!!!! I can’t wait to see the episode!!!

  2. I’m officially drooling.
    Killer effects job on this one. I can just tell from the couple of scenes.
    Can’t wait. And way to get Hank in on it.

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