time to breathe

i’ve been going crazy about finishing ep4. it’s felt like it was taking forever. but finally…FINALLY …there’s a rough cut.

last night i finished the first rough cut of ep4. it’s a little over 30 minutes long and has 58 effects shots. it has to be color corrected in it’s entirety, suede is composing the score, and a couple scenes need to be tweaked, but all in all…i’m really pleased with it.

i grabbed that right off of our Facebook page.

we went up to the U.P. for a very snowy Thanksgiving, so i didn’t have any time to work on the show over the long weekend. however, we got back Saturday night. i shot a quick–and very sleepy–update, which you see below this entry, and decided to go for broke on Sunday.

i wanted to get up at 7, couldn’t seem to manage it ’til 7:40, and was hard at work by 8. i only stopped to have some dinner with my wife while watching a couple 30 Rock episodes, and got back to it. i finally had a viewable draft of act 3 by 10:50 p.m.

tonight i start re-cutting the dining room scene (too long), replacing a troublesome reaction shot, and start color correcting from the top. eliza told me not to go too crazy with the color correction, but i think the intro is going to get really ramped.

then i have to start meeting with suede more regularly as the score starts taking a less nebulous form.

plenty to do, but i think it’s fair to say we’ll being seeing ep4 around Christmas.


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