NexTV Blog Talks Color Correction

The day I uploaded the below video to Youtube I rented “Jonah Hex” on blu-ray and, man alive, that movie is color correction gone crazy. They used it to make the sky crazy dream colors, they used it to shift flesh tones so corpses come back from the dead, and they over-used it to soften Megan Fox’s skin tone. They actually overdid it on her, she had kind of a “Vaseline on the lens” glow softly emanating from her face about 2 pixels deep. It’s a perfect example of the extreme lengths to which you can take color correction.

The Apple program Color is really complex and the interface is laid out for professional colorists, so the average Mac user will pretty much take one look at it and go, “Ooooooo-kay,”and click back into Final Cut for the familiar 3-way Color Corrector. But if you take some time to familiarize yourself with it, this program is a powerful weapon in your battle against unprofessional, cheap looking content. If you want to take that step, there are dvd tutorials that cost around fifty bucks a pop. You can also cobble together a working knowledge of the program by watching the various free Color tutorials online, which is what I did over a 6-hour internet search. You can find helpful videos at (scroll to the bottom of the page,) or (he has a Color playlist,) or (dude’s name is Manny Edwards–has two very helpful tutorials.) And if that doesn’t do it for you, just search for Apple Color Primary Tab. That should get you some good results.

Other cool effects that you can fabricate can be seen all over the place. Every music video, commercial, and intense, desaturated drama is using blurring and shading vignettes. Very handy. Very cool.

And it’s a very specific look, but if you want to desaturate everything in a frame except for a specific color—“Schindler’s List”, “Sin City”—that’s easily accomplished in Color too.

Color correction isn’t just being used to balance anymore. The more that professional content tweaks the extremes of saturation, blacks crushing, and very cool, tonal image manipulation, the farther your show is falling behind in comparison. Time to get on board if you still want to play.

Makes you wish you had some money to pay specialists and divvy the work out a little bit, doesn’t it? We’re all there with you.

Jarvi out.

i’d love to stay and chat, but i’m at work right now and have an on-the-street Thanksgiving video to assemble.

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